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About Azeite Paiva

Quinta da Costa da Sobreira is located in the parish of Nabo in the municipality of Vila Flor, with a total area of 21,6ha, a region known for its extensive olive groves and almond trees.

Initially were only planted mainly olive and almond trees in the farm. In a subsequent reshuffle opted for planting olive trees only a total of 5,600, dedicating it exclusively for the production of olive oil.

For the production of this olive oil we use the integrated production method (we are certified by CERTIS as the license º PRODI425UP). This mode of production allows greater stability to the tree (since we’re not allowed to cut into the soil) and therefore a more homogeneous olive oil production over the years.

The terrain is traversed by a watercourse that allows us to have enough water so that we can have drip irrigation what becomes absolutely essential given that allows a substantial increase of production and harvest problems influence of safra and contra-safra. Being the water needed during the annual cycle, there are two critical periods; the first phase of development of the lump-in dry Springs hardens, it increases in size and shapes the development of the fruit and the second occurs with the development of the pulp; the berries shrivel and the oil content can decrease considerably.




In our olive grove predominate the following varieties of olive trees:

1. Cobrançosa
Gives rise to a median fruit, ellipsoidal, maximum diameter at the median; pointed apical form or rounded, protruding or vertex with nipple; basal form truncated or rounded; pedicel cavity small, circular, medium deep.

2. Cordovil
Gives rise to a thick and green olive is considered the finest of all species produced in Portugal.

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