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Olive Grove

The estate is located in Vila Flor municipality, in the Trás-os-Montes region. This region has privileged conditions for the production of high-quality olive oil.


There are 5600 olive trees across the whole estate. We follow the integrated production system certified by CERTIS with license No. PRODI425UP.


Olives grow in olive trees and olive oil is extracted from them. In our olive grove there are two olive varieties: cobrançosa and cordovil.

Olive Picking

Traditional process is used, i.e. manually, which consists in beating of olives in order to extract the olive which ultimately fall into a cloth “previously extended and stretched around the trunk of the olive tree.”


In order to produce the oil, the olives undergo several processing methods with different types of machinery. After a number of mechanical processes, the oil extracted is virgin because it doesn’t contain chemicals or is sugject to further processing. The product obtained is therefore 100% natural.


Every year analyses are carried out on a sample of different oil types at Piaget Institute. Here the oil is analysed for its level of acidity, peroxide value, absorbance and wax. The organoleptic analysis is performed in Mirandela.


Our produce is a pure virgin oil with an acidity which does not exceed 3g per 100g.


In order to maintain its properties at maximum, the oil is stored in stainless steel vats. During this period such conditions as hygiene, aeration, temperature and luminosity are thoroughly controlled.


Bottling depends largely from the quantity of oil produced that year and also from customers’ needs. Our oil is available in three bottle sizes: 5-litre carboys and 500 ml and 250 ml bottles.

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